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By law, a civil celebrant has a couple of other obligations which must be met which include discussing with you the issue of relationship counselling.  Marrying in the churchcan require obligatory attendance at such sessions.  However, marrying with a civil celebrant does not.  However, this type of counselling can be more rewarding than many imagine.  It provides the opportunity to discuss topics that don't necessarily come to mind in the first phase of your relationship - e.g. do you or do you not both want children;  what religion (if any) will the children be raised in;  banking (joint or not);  management of household finances and these are but a few that can cause some serious hiccups

There are many organisations that offer this type of counselling (group or couples) and these are just a few:

All civil celebrants are required to adhere to a strict Code of Practice



It is also important that you know you have every right to make a complaint if your are in any way dissatisfied or unhappy with your dealings with your celebrant.  The process is outlined in full on the Dept of Attorney General's website and readily available to all.

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